Can I purchase and install or remove my own meter?

Posted | by SECC |
No, it is illegal and unsafe to do so. Other than some limited exceptions the utility owns and maintains the metering equipment. This includes electric and gas meters used for measurement and …

How is the smart meter information transmitted?

Posted | by SECC |
When data is collected from a meter and transmitted wirelessly to the utility, the data contains specific unique identifiers associated with the customers meter number and service address. Th…

Will meter readers still need to visit my property?

Posted | by SECC |
Field readings will continue only until readings from the new meters are validated as accurate and being processed correctly. Once the meters are fully operational, a meter reader will not nee…

Will I be able to read my Smart Meter?

Posted | by SECC |
Yes. Smart Meters have an easy-to-read digital display instead of a series of dials. Once the communications systems are operational, you also will be able to track your daily usage on the int…

What happens to the old meters?

Posted | by SECC |
The old meters are recycled.  Any newer, electronic meters utilities replace (such as solid state meters and OMR – offsite meter read – meters) are refurbished, tested an…

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